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Michael Coghlan Session



Sunday, 23 January 2011

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Guest Speaker: Michael Coghlan (Australia)

Coordinators: Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal)

Moderators: Anisoara (Romania), Fernanda (Portugal), HelenD (France), JA (Brazil), Larissa (USA), Valentina (Russia)

Participants: Anna Koorey (Australia), Alexandra (Greece), Amal (Egypt), Azhar Youssef (Egypt), Bonnyasefue98 (??), Caroll/Cometaclo (??), Elizabeth Anne (France), Jeff Cooper (USA), JenniferV (Argentina), JuanM (Argentina), Lana Kuzmych (Ukraine), MaizieA (England), Manal (Yemen), Marijana (Croatia), MarisaC (Greece), MichelleTang/Jasminecn04 (??), Nadina (Romania), Rosana (Saudi Arabia), Stace Leza (??), Sue Annan (England), SvetlanaO (Czech Republic), Yoon/Sookjhee (Malaysia)


30 participants from 5 continents. The power of communication over the Internet is absolutely fabulous!  :-)




Michael Coghlan session




Session recording

Audio presentation (not edited; there may be some short periods without sound; it's one hour 11 mins. long; just let it flow and enjoy!)



This recording includes the initial phase (about 12 mins) in which participants tested audio and the links to Michael's presentation were pasted in the chat area.

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joseaokc (6:49:07 AM): Very nice
mikecogh (6:50:04 AM): ok
mikecogh (6:50:08 AM): :)
mikecogh (6:50:45 AM): yes!\
dimivalmi (6:50:47 AM): yes
alexandrakoukoumialou (6:51:08 AM): Hi Teresa! Hear you fine.
teca2002pt (6:51:31 AM): nadina, you need to test your audio. go to the main page and click Help  > Set up audio and video
mikecogh (6:52:20 AM): checking new text colour
lolesova (6:52:30 AM): yes
dimivalmi (6:52:31 AM): yes
joseaokc (6:52:31 AM): yes
lolesova (6:52:54 AM): Wow!!!
lolesova (6:53:10 AM): Nadina could you check the mic above?
n_nadina18 (6:53:55 AM): I am doing it now
mikecogh (6:54:35 AM): :)
mikecogh (6:54:49 AM): a true webhead :)
joseaokc (6:54:50 AM): :) Multitasking
n_nadina18 (6:55:14 AM): I still can't hear anything :(
mikecogh (6:55:42 AM): Clear, but good be louder - now better
mikecogh (6:55:47 AM): could be louder
n_nadina18 (6:55:52 AM): I get the message I am not authorised to join the conference
mikecogh (6:56:22 AM): good idea
teca2002pt (6:56:30 AM):
aas56 (6:57:06 AM): hi!
mikecogh (6:57:12 AM): says 'page not found' for me
aas56 (6:57:15 AM): not sure yet
alexandrakoukoumialou (6:57:22 AM): same for me
lolesova (6:57:48 AM): who has Anisoara ID?
teca2002pt (6:58:05 AM): anisoara_pop
lolesova (6:58:26 AM): anyone can invite her?
mfr2000pt (6:58:38 AM):
mfr2000pt (6:58:52 AM): I think that is the correct url
mfr2000pt (6:59:10 AM): I copied from the mail sent and pasted it
alexandrakoukoumialou (6:59:28 AM): the second link is downloading something
silipa302 (6:59:37 AM): Hi, am I in the conference, can't hear anything, was in the kitchen :) sorry
alexandrakoukoumialou (6:59:47 AM): It's working for me!
teca2002pt (7:00:04 AM):
teca2002pt (7:01:08 AM):
ralagamy (7:01:28 AM): Hi 2 u all
anisoara_pp (7:01:52 AM): ok, thanks a lot, Larisa
silipa302 (7:01:57 AM): I also got the message not authorized for sound?
joseaokc (7:01:59 AM): Hi Rosana Welcome
ralagamy (7:02:14 AM): Ya :)
mikecogh (7:02:27 AM): OK
ralagamy (7:02:54 AM): sORRY NO
ralagamy (7:03:05 AM): Thnx a lot
ralagamy (7:03:15 AM): sure
joseaokc (7:04:14 AM): I am not
mfr2000pt (7:04:30 AM): I can go to tappedin as well
lolesova (7:04:38 AM): I am going to start recording
lolesova (7:04:58 AM): recording started
silipa302 (7:05:02 AM): I can't hear you!
mikecogh (7:05:14 AM): :)
lolesova (7:05:32 AM): I was in NYC TESOL too -
sueannan29 (7:05:37 AM): hello everyone
joseaokc (7:05:46 AM): Hello Sue
mikecogh (7:05:55 AM): :)
helen100463 (7:05:58 AM): Hello everyone !
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:06:11 AM): Nice to meet you, Mike!
ralagamy (7:06:19 AM): Hi Mike
mikecogh (7:06:26 AM): You too Alexandra
silipa302 (7:06:43 AM): I enabled voice chat but nothing yet, it says I am not authorised?
teca2002pt (7:06:46 AM):
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:08:26 AM): lol
silipa302 (7:08:27 AM): Hi, Teresa, I have downloaded ppt, rom the URL you posted
teca2002pt (7:08:56 AM): marijana, that's good. michael will be telling us to move the slides
silipa302 (7:09:08 AM): ok, no sound yet
teca2002pt (7:09:19 AM): if you don't have voice, any question you have, ask in this chat area
anisoara_pp (7:09:36 AM): could anyone invite n_nadina18? I tried but with no result
helen100463 (7:10:20 AM): Hi Svetlana
silipa302 (7:10:37 AM): I have tried to invite n_nadina18
ralagamy (7:10:42 AM): Rosana KSA
mikecogh (7:10:45 AM): Michael in Adelaide, Australia
helen100463 (7:10:46 AM): Hi Helen - in France
sueannan29 (7:10:46 AM): Sue in Jersey, Channel Islands
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:10:53 AM): Alexandra from Athens, Greece
mfr2000pt (7:10:53 AM): Fernanda in Portugal, hi Michael
teca2002pt (7:10:53 AM): teresa in portugal
ralagamy (7:10:57 AM): sAUDI aRAB
teca2002pt (7:11:03 AM): kingdom of saudi arabia
lolesova (7:11:07 AM): Larisa in USA but from Siberia, Russia
aas56 (7:11:11 AM): Anna in Sydney, Australia
dimivalmi (7:11:15 AM): Valentina from Elista, Kalmykia (south of Russia)
anisoara_pp (7:11:17 AM): Anisoara Romania
teca2002pt (7:11:33 AM): a very international group  :-)
silipa302 (7:11:48 AM): Croatia
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:11:50 AM): at home
teca2002pt (7:11:51 AM): at home
dimivalmi (7:11:52 AM): At home
silipa302 (7:11:53 AM): Hi nadina
lolesova (7:11:55 AM): at home
sueannan29 (7:11:58 AM): At Home
n_nadina18 (7:12:01 AM): Hi everybody
helen100463 (7:12:04 AM): home with noisy kids !!
aas56 (7:12:08 AM): home
silipa302 (7:12:13 AM): noisy kids here too
anisoara_pp (7:12:13 AM): Great Nadina, finally
joseaokc (7:12:19 AM): Hello Svetlana
n_nadina18 (7:12:20 AM): Indeed, finally
teca2002pt (7:12:28 AM): wb nadina and svetlana
obenausova (7:12:36 AM): Finally got in.
mikecogh (7:12:39 AM): slide 5
silipa302 (7:12:50 AM): I can't hear you, maybe I should log off so somebody invites me again?
helen100463 (7:12:57 AM): teresa can someone invite elizabeth anne ?
teca2002pt (7:13:01 AM): not this year, mike
obenausova (7:13:05 AM): Where are the slides?
teca2002pt (7:13:20 AM): we have one week less this year, mike
silipa302 (7:13:20 AM): I am on slide 5
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:13:29 AM):
anisoara_pp (7:13:30 AM): I invited Elizabeth Anne
teca2002pt (7:13:38 AM): yes, slide 5
teca2002pt (7:13:50 AM): you can also use this link
teca2002pt (7:13:51 AM):
teca2002pt (7:14:35 AM): wb back vale
helen100463 (7:14:38 AM): yippee welcome elizabeth
silipa302 (7:14:38 AM): grrr voice error:(
anisoara_pp (7:14:41 AM): Hi Elizabeth Anne
teca2002pt (7:14:41 AM): and welcome elisanne  :-)
sueannan29 (7:14:47 AM): Hi Elizabeth
teca2002pt (7:15:19 AM): marijana, don't know how to help you. happened to me yesterday in a conf, but not one-on-one
eannegrenoble (7:15:21 AM): Hi - pleased to see everyone - thanks a lot Helen
helen100463 (7:15:27 AM): Marijana can't you hear
silipa302 (7:15:42 AM): No,
mikecogh (7:15:56 AM): slide 7
helen100463 (7:16:08 AM): On your smiley avatar we can't see your ear phones
sueannan29 (7:16:14 AM): No
n_nadina18 (7:16:16 AM): I still have no sound from you
obenausova (7:16:22 AM): I do.
n_nadina18 (7:16:26 AM): And the device is all right
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:16:26 AM): blended learning
anisoara_pp (7:16:28 AM): neither do I
silipa302 (7:16:29 AM): it's ok, I will follow the slides na dpretend to listen Michael .:)
lolesova (7:16:35 AM): totally online
teca2002pt (7:16:37 AM): blended when i have PD workshops
anisoara_pp (7:16:37 AM): no sound
obenausova (7:16:40 AM): I do e-learning
silipa302 (7:16:42 AM): Will listen to recording later
helen100463 (7:16:43 AM): blended and just about to start distance course
dimivalmi (7:16:45 AM): classroom, classroom, classroom and sometimes online
anisoara_pp (7:16:45 AM): ok
ralagamy (7:16:47 AM): blended
teca2002pt (7:16:48 AM): larissa
lolesova (7:16:49 AM): Larisa
obenausova (7:16:49 AM): Svetlana
eannegrenoble (7:16:53 AM): errr slides ???
teca2002pt (7:17:11 AM): her name is larissa, mike
mikecogh (7:17:14 AM): hi!
aas56 (7:17:18 AM): blended - and no sound - suddenly stopped
mikecogh (7:17:21 AM): OK!
teca2002pt (7:17:29 AM): oh dear, ana
sueannan29 (7:17:32 AM):
obenausova (7:17:53 AM): I teach online courses to distant students.
sueannan29 (7:17:54 AM): That's the powerpoint link for the slides Eanne
eannegrenoble (7:17:55 AM): Sue :-)
mikecogh (7:18:02 AM): are you dloing any sycnhronous lessons?
teca2002pt (7:18:07 AM): mike, it was larissa who arranged for me to go to yakutsk, siberia last march
mikecogh (7:18:18 AM): aha!
helen100463 (7:18:22 AM): And gave you the vodka Teresa !!
teca2002pt (7:18:31 AM): LOL helen
teca2002pt (7:18:50 AM): fabulous vodka!!!  :-))
lolesova (7:19:06 AM): my pleasure
lolesova (7:19:15 AM): we are inviting you too Mike
teca2002pt (7:19:17 AM): still have to finish those sets of photos
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:19:34 AM): Most of my lessons are synchronous
eannegrenoble (7:20:21 AM): I'm still looking for the link to the slides
teca2002pt (7:20:26 AM):
teca2002pt (7:20:37 AM): slide 8 now
mikecogh (7:21:05 AM): slide 9
teca2002pt (7:21:06 AM): slide 9
eannegrenoble (7:21:11 AM): Teresa you are the greatest - thanks
lolesova (7:21:22 AM): Polycom for videoconference - finally found the title for the equipment I am using for synchronous connection
helen100463 (7:21:32 AM): Hi amal welcome !!
teca2002pt (7:21:41 AM): welcome amal
dimivalmi (7:21:47 AM): Hi, Amal
amal_elqersh (7:22:08 AM): thanks friends i've already joined
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:22:09 AM): I teach on WiZiQ
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:22:16 AM): Hi Amal!
joseaokc (7:22:21 AM): Great to see you in Amal
mikecogh (7:22:50 AM): web 2.0
mikecogh (7:23:12 AM): produsers
amal_elqersh (7:23:16 AM): hi everybody happy to meet you it seemed i've missed a bit of the session
teca2002pt (7:23:24 AM): our participants wiki is a good example of 'produser' content
teca2002pt (7:23:36 AM): welcome jen
sueannan29 (7:23:50 AM): Hi Jennifer
eannegrenoble (7:23:55 AM): Hi Jen
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:24:03 AM): Of course, through wikis and podcasts
jenverschoor (7:24:16 AM): Hello everybody
teca2002pt (7:24:17 AM): welcome marisa
sueannan29 (7:24:20 AM): Well done Marisa
teca2002pt (7:24:27 AM): slide 10
teca2002pt (7:24:29 AM):
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:24:34 AM): Hi Marisa!
teca2002pt (7:24:36 AM): link for the ppt
marisa_rc (7:24:39 AM): hello am getting some sort of error message
helen100463 (7:24:40 AM): Hello Marisa and Jennifer !!
marisa_rc (7:24:43 AM): no audio
juancursosonline4742 (7:24:45 AM): I really like the idea of creating, that is what our students need!!!
teca2002pt (7:24:49 AM): slide 11
eannegrenoble (7:24:50 AM): Marisa - hello :-)
teca2002pt (7:25:05 AM): other people have the same problem, marisa  :-(
marisa_rc (7:25:19 AM): oh am so sorry
marisa_rc (7:25:46 AM): is this could we perhaps connect via skype ?
teca2002pt (7:25:46 AM): me too  :-(
eannegrenoble (7:26:35 AM): My YM keeps going "pop" and I'm new to YM so if it's something I should be replying  to ..... sorry
helen100463 (7:27:09 AM): welcome Lana !!
mikecogh (7:27:35 AM): slide 12
teca2002pt (7:27:37 AM): slide 12
teca2002pt (7:27:59 AM): yipee!!!!
kuzmychlana (7:28:10 AM): Yes
ralagamy (7:28:22 AM): UNunfortunately tinyurl is blocked in Saudi Arabia :(
ralagamy (7:28:37 AM): Ya
ralagamy (7:28:51 AM): Thnx
teca2002pt (7:29:00 AM): right, mike
teca2002pt (7:30:16 AM): rosana, you can go to
teca2002pt (7:30:38 AM): can i say sth?
juancursosonline4742 (7:31:37 AM): good point!
ralagamy (7:32:18 AM): In Arabic 2 Teresa
eannegrenoble (7:32:22 AM):  Yes true Teresa and my students love having the time to prepare what they're going to say too
teca2002pt (7:32:39 AM): right, eliz
obenausova (7:33:07 AM): How can we start a conference like that?
jenverschoor (7:33:14 AM): Unable to listen to you :-) Could it be because I have a Mac?
teca2002pt (7:33:16 AM): they're shy  ;-)
obenausova (7:33:28 AM): Messenger
teca2002pt (7:33:44 AM): probably not, jen. i had the same problem yesterday in a conf. and i have windows
dimivalmi (7:33:48 AM): Hi, Michelle
jasminecn04 (7:33:58 AM): hi all :)
juancursosonline4742 (7:34:06 AM): hi jasmine
teca2002pt (7:34:42 AM): slide 14
teca2002pt (7:34:52 AM): yes
mikecogh (7:35:16 AM): oh - of course
ralagamy (7:35:21 AM): it is great
lolesova (7:35:42 AM): Rubena
mikecogh (7:35:48 AM): LOL
lolesova (7:35:50 AM): That's fine
teca2002pt (7:36:04 AM): did he just hear me, marijana?
eannegrenoble (7:36:08 AM): Yey
teca2002pt (7:36:09 AM): great!
lolesova (7:36:10 AM): LOL
teca2002pt (7:36:23 AM): i still have a decade to go. just turned 60  ;-)
lolesova (7:36:27 AM): I am not in 60-s but I forgot today the word too
teca2002pt (7:36:45 AM): yes, that's what i told the group. very reliable
juancursosonline4742 (7:36:46 AM): Elluminate is great I have had working meetings there, but I have not learnt how to use it very well yet
mikecogh (7:36:56 AM): slide 16
teca2002pt (7:36:57 AM): it was the exception that confirms the rule  :-)
lolesova (7:37:11 AM): LOL Teresa
teca2002pt (7:37:39 AM): marijana, i hate hearing myself. we all do, i think
teca2002pt (7:37:51 AM): in synch, helen  :-)
eannegrenoble (7:38:19 AM): Definitely - but how can we expect the students to talk if we can't ;-)
teca2002pt (7:38:41 AM): right, eliz
joseaokc (7:38:57 AM): Hello Carol
joseaokc (7:39:00 AM): Welcome
teca2002pt (7:39:01 AM): you don't, michael! you're "the voice"  :-)
cometaclo (7:39:07 AM): thanks
eannegrenoble (7:39:50 AM): People become more real !
sueannan29 (7:39:51 AM): I agree
jasminecn04 (7:40:15 AM): or listening
mfr2000pt (7:40:31 AM): those who have no sound check your settings by going to the main YM window, Help/Setup Video and audio
lolesova (7:40:33 AM): completely agree with Mike
juancursosonline4742 (7:40:41 AM): :-) that's great!
jasminecn04 (7:41:00 AM): however, I think even some of the students don't talk, they can learn something by listening to others
mfr2000pt (7:41:12 AM): and click on Voice on the top menu of this window to enable sound for this conference
mikecogh (7:41:31 AM): please
juancursosonline4742 (7:41:42 AM): If they do not talk they are still participating and learning as students at kindergarten,
jasminecn04 (7:41:43 AM): ya
juancursosonline4742 (7:41:45 AM): yes teresa
sueannan29 (7:41:49 AM): yes
jbcoops (7:41:55 AM): hi all
mikecogh (7:42:05 AM): now yes
joseaokc (7:42:08 AM): Hi Jeff
joseaokc (7:42:13 AM): I am glad you are in
jbcoops (7:42:22 AM): is there any chance someone here could copy/paste the text meeting up to this point into Tapped In ?
jbcoops (7:43:06 AM): i'm helping those at Tapped In for Webheads in Action join here
mikecogh (7:43:10 AM): yes!
dimivalmi (7:43:31 AM): Hi, Jeff
mikecogh (7:43:39 AM):
eannegrenoble (7:44:09 AM): Yes - there's quite a number at tappedin
azharyoussef (7:44:12 AM): I like this idea Teresa
joseaokc (7:44:27 AM): That is great Teresa
amal_elqersh (7:44:28 AM): great experience
mikecogh (7:44:28 AM):
teca2002pt (7:44:33 AM): welcome, jeff. ty  :-)
azharyoussef (7:44:39 AM): Text first, then voice
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:44:39 AM):
mikecogh (7:44:46 AM): slide 18
dimivalmi (7:44:48 AM): great explanation
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:45:01 AM): Yes, I have
jbcoops (7:45:21 AM): i believe in speech to text and text to speech
jbcoops (7:45:34 AM): you can't expect a 2nd grader to type... but they can talk
teca2002pt (7:45:37 AM): glad you like it, azhar. we do the same thing here
joseaokc (7:45:40 AM): YOu are right Jeff
jbcoops (7:45:44 AM): have them talk into the computer and see the words come up
teca2002pt (7:45:53 AM): in baw11, i mean. we build gradually on our knowledge
lolesova (7:46:05 AM): Jbcoops doesn't have a mic -can type only
jbcoops (7:46:12 AM): anyone know of any studies that show how that assists language acquisition as well as improving reading comprehension?
jbcoops (7:46:26 AM): :is audio impaired
eannegrenoble (7:47:09 AM): Screen readers are fine for academic English - but DON'T put in Shakespear
eannegrenoble (7:47:17 AM): e
jbcoops (7:47:23 AM): well... that's exactly the kind of action research project i'd like to get involved with ESL/TEFL educators... as well as Spanish teachers et al
alexandrakoukoumialou (7:47:25 AM): mainly one-to-one and small groups
amal_elqersh (7:47:40 AM): where can ireach the slides u r refering to plz?
teca2002pt (7:47:42 AM): we always have the time zone problem in baw
jbcoops (7:47:48 AM): imagine students in different countries talking/writing to each other in their own primaries, translating/editing/peer reviewing and responding
teca2002pt (7:48:04 AM): we range from +13 to -8 !!!
lolesova (7:48:09 AM): correct
teca2002pt (7:48:32 AM): slide 21
dimivalmi (7:48:35 AM): Amal, use the link
jbcoops (7:48:36 AM): thanks rala and azha!
mikecogh (7:48:38 AM): Why do you think it is important to include synchronous tools in online courses?

dimivalmi (7:48:41 AM):
teca2002pt (7:49:00 AM): or
jbcoops (7:49:14 AM): care to sign up?  i help teachers create virtual K-12 classrooms at Tapped In audio there... but... if you have a speech to text or text to speech program you can use it.
joseaokc (7:49:35 AM): That seems great Jeff
teca2002pt (7:49:54 AM): come on. let's hear you  :-)
teca2002pt (7:50:06 AM): difficult, mike
lolesova (7:50:18 AM): social presence
jbcoops (7:50:19 AM): Tapped In is a professional educators' collaborative with over 500 professional development groups, university and K-12 classrooms.  I specialize in K-12 Campus support and collaboration between classes.  Membership is free and ad free.
joseaokc (7:50:24 AM): It makes them feel more connected
mikecogh (7:50:25 AM): slide 22
amal_elqersh (7:50:49 AM): i can't hear any more what might be the problem
lolesova (7:51:33 AM): students love immediate feedback
teca2002pt (7:51:54 AM): JA, can you help amal? you were successful a while back  :-)
eannegrenoble (7:51:57 AM): @amal - there is a "mute" button .... have you checked that ?
joseaokc (7:52:12 AM): Check your audio settings Amal
eannegrenoble (7:52:49 AM): for Amal  checking your settings
teca2002pt (7:52:53 AM): yes, juan. voice can speed things up
jbcoops (7:53:03 AM): there are quite a few excellent audio tools... i'd also recommend  ...which is also free and has a number of ongoing ESL classes
mikecogh (7:53:34 AM): slide24
azharyoussef (7:54:06 AM): You said that through synchronous tools, students are provided immediate feedback. What about asynchronous tools?
jbcoops (7:54:42 AM): longer, ongoing, sustained feedback
jbcoops (7:54:54 AM): Tapped In is polysynchronous
juancursosonline4742 (7:55:08 AM): I totally agree with her, as I have the possibility to study as I am far away from places where differente careers are offered, and I wouldn't like to come back to a face to face career, I have freedom to study and grow up professionally, I'm happy Internet exists!
jbcoops (7:55:08 AM): threaded Discussion boards, File sharing, Whiteboards, etc.
kuzmychlana (7:55:55 AM): Need camera to see slides ?
dimivalmi (7:56:18 AM):
mikecogh (7:56:56 AM):
Yes Larissa
jbcoops (7:57:10 AM): what i'd like to see is polysynchronous audio/textural chat.  for example... here i'm missing everything everyone says in audio.  if however there was a synchronous speech to text stream... i'd not only be able to read what was being said it would greatly facilitate coming back to a  transcript later.
lolesova (7:57:27 AM): yes voxopop
amal_elqersh (7:57:28 AM): there is a pop up  window says ai am not authorised to join the conference
teca2002pt (7:57:33 AM): i think the same, mike
jbcoops (7:57:42 AM): no audio transcript will really be listened to in the future since it requires real time listening... whereas text chat transcripts may be perused (and searched) much quicker and easier.
eannegrenoble (7:57:51 AM): I'd like to talk about my voxopop experience
juancursosonline4742 (7:57:52 AM): what do people think about virtual classrooms and Internet, many teachers  and people in Argentina think that these tools make people isolate fromthe world? I think
teca2002pt (7:58:00 AM): not usre about that, but i think i've seen longer recordings
mikecogh (7:58:22 AM): Hi Anne!
juancursosonline4742 (7:58:22 AM): yes
sueannan29 (7:58:22 AM): yes
lolesova (7:58:22 AM): yes
mikecogh (7:58:23 AM): yes
amal_elqersh (7:58:23 AM): not at all
jasminecn04 (7:58:24 AM): ya
dimivalmi (7:58:24 AM): yes
azharyoussef (7:58:26 AM): yes
teca2002pt (7:58:35 AM): larissa, i used voxopop in yakutsk
lolesova (7:58:50 AM): Teresa yes - did it work good?
jbcoops (7:58:53 AM): i'd like to argue with those people in Argentina... and by arguing with them online i'd prove them wrong... just by arguing with them online!
jbcoops (7:59:20 AM): are there still people who think that f2f is the only way to "really" connect?
teca2002pt (7:59:29 AM): it did, larissa
jbcoops (7:59:34 AM): yay manal!
mikecogh (7:59:36 AM): slide 25
joseaokc (7:59:43 AM): Finally Manal
joseaokc (7:59:54 AM): Great to see you have made it
teca2002pt (8:02:03 AM): can i say sth?
azharyoussef (8:02:33 AM): I think that we need to use both tools
amal_elqersh (8:02:55 AM): thanks jose i've really enjoyed the part i've heardand thanks buddies too for ur great help
lolesova (8:03:19 AM): agree Teresa
jbcoops (8:03:26 AM): i think a hybrid approach utilizing a wide variety of tools is called for
lolesova (8:03:36 AM): sometimes short synchronous help engage students
jbcoops (8:03:39 AM): no one thing works for all things at all times
mikecogh (8:03:42 AM): FUN = frivolous unanticiaoted nonsense
joseaokc (8:04:20 AM): Hello Maizie
jbcoops (8:04:32 AM): at Tapped In a teacher creates a classroom with 50 (or more) student accounts.  it's all text... and transcripts are sent *to the teacher* (including private chat).  there is a lot of security there, but also the possibility to collaborate with other classrooms internationally
sookjhee (8:04:33 AM): you can use group chat in facebook
teca2002pt (8:04:45 AM): well, jeff, many people don't think the social aspect is important
jbcoops (8:04:54 AM): many people are idiots
joseaokc (8:05:02 AM): That is true Teresa
jbcoops (8:05:10 AM): if you want to learn a foreign language, you need to talk to foreigners
joseaokc (8:05:15 AM): I guess it depends a lot on objectives
jbcoops (8:05:23 AM): if you want to learn english, you need to speak with people who speak english
lolesova (8:05:23 AM): agree with JA
eannegrenoble (8:05:31 AM): Is it possible to send private messages in this conference call ?
lolesova (8:05:41 AM): needs assessment needed when you think which one you will be using
jbcoops (8:05:46 AM): so what is better than having students use their primary and secondary languages with other students from around the world?
jbcoops (8:05:56 AM): social doesn't belie educational
sookjhee (8:05:59 AM): yes. twitter is realtime
jbcoops (8:06:11 AM): pick a topic (between the students and the teachers) to discuss
mfr2000pt (8:06:18 AM): to send private messaages click on a name on the right (list os participants)
jbcoops (8:06:29 AM): whether it's world cup soccer or "of mice and men" i don't care... the important thing is that the *students* care.
jbcoops (8:06:56 AM): if you want them actively engaged, then they need to have some voice in what they're talking about... i don't care if it's cosmetology or cosmology
jbcoops (8:07:36 AM): get them talking... reading/hearing/translating what their peers are talking about... then you have dialogue... discourse... who wants to argue against that?
jbcoops (8:07:49 AM): thanks azha... now all i need is someone to hire me
jbcoops (8:08:12 AM): frankly i'm sick of naysayers... it's time to move forward in the 21st Century
jbcoops (8:08:34 AM): bottom line is if you want world peace (and anyone care to argue against that?)... then you need global communication, discourse, arguments, understanding.
lolesova (8:09:23 AM): I am from Purdue - Mike and I am in Hotseat
jbcoops (8:09:32 AM): the main trouble is the only thing that happens in schools anymore (particularly in the U.S.) are things that are mandated.  tech isn't mandated and therefore vastly underutilized as a tool.  get rid of No Child Left Behind... put computers into every students' hands... things will start to rock!
teca2002pt (8:09:35 AM): good for you, larissa
mikecogh (8:10:39 AM): Purdue University - Hotseat
jbcoops (8:12:55 AM): i taught at Richmond High (of "Coach Carter" fame) during the 90s (i left the year before he got there).  have a look a look at an article i wrote:  "Building 21st Century Collaborative Learning Communities"
joseaokc (8:14:09 AM): Hi stacey, Finally
jbcoops (8:14:12 AM): yes... about a basketball coach who locked the door on his team because they weren't making grades (starring Samuel L. Jackson).
bonnyasefue98 (8:14:18 AM): yes thanks to everyones patience
joseaokc (8:14:20 AM): I am sorry. I tried so many times
jbcoops (8:14:28 AM): that was Richmond High... i taught English and ESL there for 4 years... left the year before he got there.
sookjhee (8:14:32 AM): *clap clap clap* thank you!!
lolesova (8:14:33 AM): Thank you Mike
eannegrenoble (8:14:35 AM): clap! clap! clap!
lolesova (8:14:38 AM): clap clap
joseaokc (8:14:42 AM): clap clap
alexandrakoukoumialou (8:14:43 AM): Thank you Mike!
mfr2000pt (8:14:44 AM): thanks, Michael
mikecogh (8:14:53 AM): Thank you everyone
joseaokc (8:15:02 AM): It was very insightful
mfr2000pt (8:15:03 AM): =d>
alexandrakoukoumialou (8:15:03 AM): :-bd
mikecogh (8:15:24 AM): And Yahoo Messenger worked really well!
dimivalmi (8:15:27 AM): :):):):-bd
joseaokc (8:15:28 AM): Thanks to all that showed up
alexandrakoukoumialou (8:15:34 AM): Thank you everyone! See you soon!:-bd
joseaokc (8:15:56 AM): Thanks Azhar
mikecogh (8:15:58 AM): will do
mikecogh (8:16:01 AM): bye everyone
joseaokc (8:16:05 AM): Thanks Rosana
mfr2000pt (8:16:06 AM): bye, everyone
teca2002pt (8:16:08 AM): thank you, michael!  :-)
dimivalmi (8:16:11 AM): bye, thank you
sookjhee (8:16:12 AM): bye:)
teca2002pt (8:16:15 AM): thank you, mods!  :-)
bonnyasefue98 (8:16:19 AM): bye everybody
teca2002pt (8:16:25 AM): and thank you, participants!  :-)
amal_elqersh (8:16:37 AM): thanks jose and everybody
teca2002pt (8:16:51 AM): larissa, i think you can stop the recording now, if you haven't
joseaokc (8:17:06 AM): Bye everyone thanks
lolesova (8:17:26 AM): I did I saved
lolesova (8:17:31 AM): need to check now
teca2002pt (8:17:34 AM): i need to leave now. going up to help my parents with their lunch. bye!
joseaokc (8:17:37 AM): I also recorded.
lolesova (8:17:44 AM): thanks Jose
jbcoops (8:17:44 AM): thanks all
teca2002pt (8:17:46 AM): enjoy, helen!
joseaokc (8:17:48 AM): Will have lunch now. See you
mfr2000pt (8:17:53 AM): I also saved with Total Recorder, let's see if it's ok
joseaokc (8:18:01 AM): Great
joseaokc (8:18:10 AM): It was nice.
joseaokc (8:18:20 AM):  I just love doing this
mfr2000pt (8:18:20 AM): I have to leave too, see you and thanks for coming
jbcoops (8:19:14 AM): :-c
jbcoops (8:19:35 AM): that's the international emoticon for "call me"


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