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Tapped In Tour




Date: Jan 12, 2011

Time: 16:00 GMT



Tour Guide:

BJ Berquist (USA)







Dafne (Spain) & Teresa (Portugal)


Sharon (USA), Fernanda (Portugal), Helen (France), JA (Brazil), Mbarek (Morocco)



AbdelaliE (Morocco), AlexandraK (Greece), AndreaTaylor (Panama), AyatE (Egypt), ChaoukiM (Tunisia), ChrisMT (USA: not in group), Elisabetta Francini (Italy: not in group), Jennifer Delich (USA), JenniferV (Argentina), JoeMcVeigh (USA), JuanS (Dominican Republic), KarolinaD (Croatia), LanaK (Ukraine), LyubovN (Ukraine), MarcoV (Portugal), MarijanaB (Slovenia), MarijanaS (Croatia), MarisaRC (Greece), MichaelMad (Italy), Monica E. McCrory (USA: not in group), MonicaV (Brazil), NataliyaB (Canada: not in group), NataliyaN (Ukraine), NourE (Tunisia: not in group), OlenaC (USA), Peter Hagenson (USA), SheelaM (Dubai), SueA (England), Veronica Criado (Uruguay)


The five continents were represented with over 30 participants!!!!






Room: TI_Reception

DafneG joined the room.

MarijanaS: Hello everybody,

SharonBe: Waving back, BJ

BjB gives a huge group hug

MarijanaS: wawing

TeresaD: thank you for being here for us once again, BJ  :-)

DafneG waves hi!

VeronicaC: Hi there BJ

MarijanaS: I will be in and out cause I have some things to do around the house

DafneG hugs BJ

BjB . o O ( had to shovel snow )

JeffC hands the Helpdesk ball over to BjB and gets the kids ready for school...  back in about half an hour

MarijanaS: oh no snow here in CRo

MonicaVGst1 joined the room.

BjB: thanks, Jeff

SharonBe: BJB, we LOVE to get our BAW started with you.  Thank you again.

ChaoukiM joined the room.

MarijanaS: Hi BJB thanks

BjB: my pleasure...I love to do Webheads tours :-) Everyone is sooo  wonderful

MichaelMad joined the room.

ChaoukiM: Hello bawers

TeresaD: baw11 participants, could you please read a message that sharon just sent us with recommendations for the tour?

MonicaVGst1: Hi everyone! Monica, from Brazil, logging in!

SharonBe: Hi Chaouki!

MarijanaS: on email message, checking

TeresaD: hi monica and chaouki!

TeresaD: right, marijana  :-)

VeronicaC: already did, great tips THx :)

MonicaVGst1: Hi Teresa, good to 'see' you again!

ChaoukiM: Hi Dafne, Sharon, Teresa and others!!

DafneG: Welcome BaWers to our first live chat!!!!

BjB: We'll start at the hour officially...this is a big group so please be patient

ChaoukiM: This is Chaouki from Tunisia. Do you remember me?

KarolinaD: Hello everybody!:)

KarolinaD: I didn't get the hint message

MarijanaS: is wiki where we wrote sth about us as an introduction PB works?

VeronicaC: you can read it here Karolina http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/baw2011/message/348

KarolinaD: Thnx

TeresaD: karolina, pls refresh your mailbox or go to our YYg. it's there

KarolinaD: ok

MichaelMad left the room (signed off).

MichaelMad joined the room.

MichaelMad left the room (signed off).

SharonBe: Just a few hints to make BJ's fabulous tour smooth:

SheelaM joined the room.

MichaelMad joined the room.

MarijanaS: read the sahron's message, will be back in 15 min

MarijanaS: when the tours starts

SharonBe: Once BJ has started the tour:

SharonBe: - Stay in the room where the tour is taking place not to miss important information and to avoid getting lost

SharonBe: -- follow BJ's directions at all times;

SharonBe: -- write in the text chat area only when she asks you to;

SharonBe: -- do only what she asks you to;

SharonBe: -- refrain from asking too many questions about different things at the same time;

SharonBe: -- refrain from asking questions not related to the room or area where the tour is;

SharonBe: -- take things one step at a time, calmly, because all questions will be answered;

MarijanaS: have to finish dinner, :)

TeresaD: marijana, the tour starts in 5 mins

MarijanaS: ok

DafneG: Please, unblock your pop-up blocker to allow links to open from here

ChaoukiM: Can I invite my students to my office?

PeterA joined the room.

BjB: Chaouki, if your students are younger than 18 yrs, you will need to create a student classroom

DafneG: BJ will answer that quewstion during the tour, Chaouki

ChaoukiM: Ok

DafneG: thanks BJ :-)

ChaoukiM: Thank you!!

SharonBe: Hello PeterA

BjB . o O ( this main campus of Tapped In is only for adults...for safety and security reasons for the children )

SharonBe: Welcome Lana and Sheela - we will be starting in about 3 minutes with BJ

JoeMc joined the room.

SheelaM: fine...glad to be here

MarisaRC joined the room.

FernandaR joined the room.

ChaoukiM: I ask questions to break the silence and to make allusion to what others expect to see

SharonBe: When BJ begins - please sit back and enjoy while following her directions and leads.

MarijanaS: taking my laptop to kithcen

FernandaR: hello everybody

DafneG: hi Fernanda

MarisaRC: Hello everyone - Marisa Constantinides from Athens, Greece

MarijanaS: hi

JenniferD joined the room.

JoeMc: Hello, everyone.  Am I right in thinking that this session is all typed chat without any audio?

BjB: Welcome, everyone, to this year's BaW tour of Tapped In.

ChaoukiM: Hi Marisa!! glad to see you here!!

BjB: Joe, Tapped In is only text chat...no audio

DafneG: yes, this is a text-chat session

MarisaRC: Hi Chaouki!

TeresaD: welcome marisa, fernanda, jennifer and joe  :-)

FernandaR: Hi, BJ

MarisaRC: Hello Teresa

ChaoukiM: I missed our scrabble games!!

JenniferD: Hello and good morning from California :)

LanaK: Hi everyone!

DafneG: hi Jennifer and Lana

MarisaRC: Aye! Chaouki but you always beat me by a mile!

BjB: as you can see, when everyone is saying something the chat scrolls very quickly!

MarisaRC: Let's play soon

ChaoukiM: Good evening from Tunisa Jennifer!!

PeterA: Hi everyone, just joining in

DafneG: hi Peter

BjB: so, during the tour, I'm going to ask that you not make any comments in this window until I ask for questions

MarisaRC: ok


BjB . o O ( you can use the private chat to take to each other )

MarcoV joined the room.

BjB: I'm going to start this tour a little differently because it is soooo large...

BjB: and I don't want to miss meeting a single one of you...

BjB: to do that, I'm going to show you how to edit your identity or ID page....

BjB: and show you how to view each other's identity or ID page

BjB: to see who I am and where I am located click one time on BJB under the HERE tab to the left of this chat

BjB: then click on the green i (green circle) at the bottom of the frame

BjB: and look at your web window above this chat (or behind the chat if you have detached)

JenniferV1 joined the room.

BjB: welcome, Jennifer

JenniferV1: Hello from a sunny Buenos Aires!!

BjB: Jennifer, I'm showing everyone how to view Identity pages

PeterA left the room (signed off).

PeterA joined the room.

BjB: the next step is to click one time on YOUR name under the HERE tab and then click on the green i

BjB: you will see what others see when they ID you

BjB: most of you, unless you've been a Ti member for a long time, have the basic information you entered when you filled out the membership form

BjB: everyone ready to edit those ID pages?!

MarisaRC: y

KarolinaD: yes

MarcoV: yes

MarijanaS: yes

SheelaM: sure

PeterA: YES

MarijanaB: ok

MonicaVGst1 -)

BjB . o O ( a yes or no is good...keeps your screen active )

JenniferV1: Sure

LanaK: yes

JoeMc: All set

PeterA: FINE

BjB: Monica, as a guest you won't be able to do this :-(

SueA joined the room.

MichaelMad: yes

PeterH: yes

VeronicaC: sure

BjB: everyone click on the ME tab at the top of the web window

ChaoukiM: Hi Sue!! welcome back!!

BjB: and then click on Settings on the right in the yellow menu bar

SueA: Hi Chaouki

MbarekGst2 joined the room.

BjB: Sue, everyone is editing their ID or identity page

PeterA: is me the picture icon?

PeterH left the room (signed off).

BjB: Peter, the ME tab is at the top of the web window next to Tapped In

PeterH joined the room.

MonicaVGst1: yes, BJ, I thought so, I tried to log in with my original id and password and it didn't work...  :-(  No problems, I'll check that later.

PeterA: got it

BjB . o O ( tabs: Me, Tapped In, Help, Search )

ChaoukiM: done

BjB: from Me/Settings you can edit your profile, description, add a photo and change your password and edit email address

MbarekGst2: Hi Webheads , I m Mbarek . I logged as a guest

PeterA left the room.

BjB waves hi to Mbarek

ChaoukiM: Hi Mbarek!! How are you my cousin!!

SueA: Hi Mbarek. Nice to see you here

MbarekGst2: Thanks BjB and Chaouki

BjB: it's important to keep your email current and correct because that is where your transcripts are sent when you log out

MbarekGst2: Hi Sue , Great to see u here

BjB: does anyone have any questions about your ID page?

KarolinaD: nk

KarolinaD: no

BjB . o O ( all the directions will be in your transcript so you can review later )

MbarekGst2: Fine , dear cousin . Sorry for Tunisia events

MarcoV: no

JoeMc: Bj - what does "   .    o   O   "   mean?

ChaoukiM: Don't worry!! Things must happen!!

LanaK: How to add photo

SheelaM left the room (signed off).

SheelaM joined the room.

BjB: Joe, those are thought bubbles like in a cartoon!

ChaoukiM: good question!!

BjB . o O ( we are deep thinkers in Tapped In )

BjB: to think you use the text command   /th    followed by a thought

ChaoukiM: how to add a photo!!

MarisaRC: just added phot but doesn't show

BjB: for example type    /th I'm thinking

JoeMc . o O ( I'm thinking )

MarijanaS: th

BjB: Re: photo...go to edit description and follow the directions...the size is limited so check that first if it doesn't work

BjB: good thinking, Joe!

ChaoukiM: Lol!

DafneG . o O ( wondering what others are thinking )

BjB: some trivia for you...Tapped In was originally designed with a java interface and a MOO chat. Moo was created for gamers

BjB: the text commands that are now used were recreated from the MOO language into this expresso chat

MarisaRC: what;s the difference between photo and icon please?

AlexandraK joined the room.

BjB: the photo shows when anyone ID's you, Marisa. The icon appears in other formats, like members of a group

BjB: welcome, Alexandra

AlexandraK: Hello everyone :)

MarisaRC: then BjB

MarisaRC: thanks BjB

AlexandraK: Took me a while to get here - lol

MbarekGst2: oO

BjB: you're welcome, Marisa.

BjB: to view all the text commands go to Actions in the top right of the chat and select Text Command Help

BjB: the text command that I use the most other than the thinking command is the emoting command....

MarisaRC: cool! done it!

BjB waves hi to everyone

BjB: in Tapped In emoting is showing an action...a wonderful way to use language to describe an action

JoeMc left the room (signed off).

JoeMc joined the room.

BjB: to emote you start the line with a colon followed by the action. For example type    :waves

MarisaRC left the room (signed off).

MarisaRC joined the room.

NataliyaN joined the room.

VeronicaC waves

AlexandraK waves

BjB: Hi, Nataliya

JenniferD waves

BjB cheers...good waving! We're doing a global wave.

AlexandraK smiles

NataliyaN: hI

SueA: ; waves

MarijanaS smiles

AlexandraK laughs

FernandaR waves

BjB: close, Sue...use the colon, not semicolon

JoeMc: Sorry, -where_ are text chat commands located? Don't see them?

SueA: Yes, slip of the fingers

BjB: emoting is great for language learners

BjB: Joe, go to Actions in the top right of the chat

MarijanaS: ;)

BjB: at the bottom of the menu is Text Command Help

JoeMc: got it, thanks

MarisaRC: missed whole convo re emoticons - where do you find them pls

SheelaM smiles

BjB: Marisa, no emoticons. This is emoting or showing an action. The action is created by you when you type a colon and the action

JenniferV1 -)

SheelaM: at last

MarisaRC: oh this much better detached! :-)

MarcoV: smile(:)

AlexandraK: @Marisa under text commands

MarisaRC: ok thanks

AlexandraK: under actions

BjB: for example, Marisa, type   :jumps up and down

ChaoukiM: (:)

MarcoV smile

KarolinaD jumps up and down

BjB: or :wonders what an emoticon is?

MarisaRC: sniff(;)

MarisaRC: no

KarolinaD jumps up and down

MbarekGst2: jump up and down

BjB: I can even do a double backflip!

SheelaM laughs

MarisaRC: jumps up and down

BjB does a double backflip with a perfect landing

BjB . o O ( in my dreams! )

SheelaM applauds

VeronicaC cheers

JenniferD giggles

AlexandraK does a cartwheel

MarijanaS: o O

BjB: Now that we've gotten the IMPORTANT stuff covered...and the most important thing is that Tapped In can be FUN!....

BjB: fun both for you and for your students

MarisaRC: types them faster than it takes her to find them :-)

ChaoukiM: colon (:)

AlexandraK gets serious

MarisaRC: Smile (:)

MarisaRC: nope

HelenD joined the room.

ChaoukiM: (:)

BjB: Tapped In was created to be easy to use for those who prefer using text commands and those who like to point at an icon and click

MarijanaS: have to check emoticons later

SueA: Hi Helen

AlexandraK: Hi Helen

MbarekGst2: Hi helen

HelenD: Hi everybody nice to be here

ChaoukiM: Hi Helen

HelenD: Hi Chaouki

ChaoukiM: great to see you again

BjB: We're going to all take a look at the welcome screen on the web window

BjB . o O ( if you have detached, the web window is behind the chat )

MbarekGst2: Ok

JoseD joined the room.

NataliyaB joined the room.

MbarekGst2: Hi Jose

SueA: OK

JoseD: Hello everybody

JoseD: Hi Mbarek

AlexandraK: Hi Jose

BjB: if you are on an ID page, click on Room View at the top of the web window in the grey bar below the tabs

ChaoukiM: Hi jose Da silva!! Ho ware you?

MbarekGst2: glad to see u here Jose

JoseD: Alexandra how are you?

MichaelMad: I thought there wasn't supposted to be chatting and cross talk during the demo...

JoseD: Thanks

JoseD: I got in a little late because I am at work


BjB waits for everyone to find the welcome screen

SheelaM: done

AlexandraK: Great - just got in myself :))

MarcoV: ready to go

KarolinaD: here

BjB: glad you could make it, new arrivals!

AlexandraK: lol

JoseD: I am  just waiting for a sutdent to finish a test and decided to join you . I wouldn´t miss it for anything

BjB: what you see on the welcome screen is pretty much the same in every room

BjB: there is always a welcome note with information.

JoseD: Lots of people here, so nice

MonicaVGst1 left the room (signed off).

BjB: all the other information that is on the welcome screen is placed there by the owner of the room or the members of a group

MarisaRC smiles

BjB: usually the information tells you about the group

ChaoukiM: Finally Marisa!!

BjB: as you can see there are a lot of rooms listed on the right under Featured Passageways

BjB: the door icon (DO NOT CLICK ON A DOOR, please) is a passageway

BjB: or a link to another 'room' in Tapped In

AlexandraK: right

BjB: most of the rooms listed under featured passageways take you to group rooms that hold events scheduled on the calendar

MarisaRC left the room.

BjB: Now we'll see who is really paying attention...

LyubovN joined the room.

MarisaRC joined the room.

BjB: everyone scroll down to Webheads in Action under Featured Passageways and click on the door icon

NataliyaN: ok :)

AlexandraK waits in suspense

JenniferD left the room.

MarcoV: Smiles(:)

PeterH left the room.

SueA left the room.

MichaelMad left the room.

SharonBe left the room.

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JoseD left the room.

BjB left the room.

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ChrisMT joined the room.

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Room: WebheadsAction

DafneG joined the room.

MarisaRC: great because i lost omost of it by now

NataliyaN: and sent by email

AlexandraK smiles

BjB: correct, Nataliya

TeresaD joined the room.

NataliyaN: it's very useful

AlexandraK: these rooms can also be used for putting students in groups?

MarcoV joined the room.

MarijanaS: I already got one email, chatting with you BJB the other night

BjB: |** ANNOUNCEMENT: to join BJB in Webheads in Action type    /join BJB   in the main chat window **|

BjB nods to Marijana

MarijanaS: btw thanks for that so much

BjB: you're welcome

BjB: I just announced so that the people still in reception could come here

HelenD joined the room.

BjB: everyone who sees this chat is in the right place

BjB: good, Helen

MarisaRC -) can see

SheelaM: oops

MarijanaS: thought so

MichaelMad: what is the main chat window?

MbarekGst2: Ok Lucky I am ! I see it :-)

BjB: the one you just typed in, Michael. You're good

ChaoukiM joined the room.

BjB: yay...good, Chaouki

ChaoukiM: I was watching the news, sorry

BjB: has everyone here joined the webheads in action group?

KarolinaD: y

VeronicaC: yep

SharonBe: yes :)

MbarekGst2: yes

AlexandraK: yes

AndreaT joined the room.

SheelaM: yes

SueA: yes

MarijanaS: yes

PeterH: yes

JoeMc: Is being in the room the same as joining the group or is that a separate step?

MichaelMad: yes

BjB: good, Andrea

MarijanaB: yes

BjB: no, Joe...excellent question

BjB: joining a group means you are a member of the Tapped In group, not just in the group room

AndreaT left the room.

BjB: I'm going to put this in the transcript for you in case you aren't a member...

ElisabettF joined the room.

BjB: scroll down to the green i in the welcome note (Who are we? What is a Webhead?)

BjB: click on the green i.  You will then see the group ID or identity page

HelenD left the room.

BjB: at the top of the page is Join this group

BjB . o O ( if you already joined you will see Leave this group )

MarijanaS: I joined earliier today

JoeMc: So you can be a member of Tapped In, but not be a member of a specfic group. That is a separate step for each group, right?

MarijanaS: yes

BjB: select Join this group. When you have successfully joined, select Room View to return to the welcome screen

JoeMc: Got it, thanks.

BjB: correct, Joe

BjB: there are two perks to joining a group...one is that you are automatically subscribed to the group asynch threaded discussion board

MbarekGst2: I' logged as a guest I had already joined in previous sessions

BjB: when you post to the discussion board your message is sent to all members of the group

BjB nods to Mbarek

ElisabettF left the room.

BjB: the second perk is that the group is automatically added to the drop down menu in the top right of the web window next to the Go! button

ElisabettF joined the room.

MarisaRC: where is the discussion board

KarolinaD: on the left

NourE joined the room.

BjB: you can use that menu to move to any room listed from any location in Tapped In

BjB: did you find Discussion, Marisa?

BjB: welcome, Nour

NourE: welcome from tunisia! glad to be with u

MarisaRC: Yes thanks BjB

AlexandraK looking at discussion threads now

MbarekGst2: Welcome Nour ,

BjB: Tapped In has this real time chat, but it also has asynch features which are wonderful when you are working with many different time zones

AbdelaliE left the room (signed off).

NourE: welcome mbarek

ChrisMT joined the room.

ChaoukiM: Hi NourE!! I am glad to see another Tunisian here!! You're warmly welcome!!

BjB: welcome, Chris

ChrisMT: Thanks everyone for their help.

MarisaRC: this site has been around for quite a while!

MbarekGst2: Got two cousins now , Chaouki lol

BjB: someone asked earlier about students in Tapped in

BjB: correct, Marisa..since 1997

ChaoukiM: Great, Mbarek!!

NourE: hi chaouki! hi everybody!

BjB: members can create a student classroom in the student campus...

HelenD joined the room.

MarisaRC gasps

BjB: the students are assigned usernames by the teacher

NourE: it's my first time visit! feeling lost! can u help pls

AlexandraK: Hi Nour, Chris

ElisabettF: Excuse me, is it possible to speak here inside and listen or it is all written?

NourE: hi alex

ChrisMT: Hi AlexandraK !

BjB: Elisabett, all chat is text. No voice

ElisabettF: ok!

JoeMc left the room (signed off).

MarisaRC: this is cool for people with slow connections & unable to use voicechat

SharonBe: The chat will be posted on our blog for everyone - there is only chat - and on the left you will see discussion link for asynchronous - this is in each rom

BjB: if you would like to learn more about the student campus and how to create a classroom, I recommend you participate in Jeff Cooper's tours

BjB: thanks, Sharon.

ChrisMT: Am I on the right page for the esl lecutre?

KarolinaD: thanx

ChaoukiM: It was my first question and I was told that you will answer it !!

AndreaT joined the room.

MichaelMad left the room (signed off).

BjB: the whiteboard (also listed on the left menu of the web window is another asynch feature

JoeMc joined the room.

AndreaT: Sorry I was totally lost until Jeff helped me

BjB: and links and files can also be stored in the group room

BjB: glad you made it, Andrea

AndreaT: Pheew!

AndreaT: Thanks

BjB: do you all want to learn more about the student campus?

NourE: jeff i think i need your help! hh

MbarekGst2: yes

NataliyaN: yes

JoeMc: OK

KarolinaD: y

ChaoukiM: Yes

MarijanaS: yes

AlexandraK: y

NourE: yes

BjB: Nour, you're fine...just listen and you'll catch up

ChaoukiM: I insist!!

MarijanaB: yes

MarisaRC: y

SueA: yes

NourE: ok jeff

NourE: thanks

ChaoukiM: Thanks BjB

AyatE joined the room.

JenniferD: yes please

BjB: whoa! Insist is pretty strong! :-)

ChaoukiM: But friendly!!

JuanS joined the room.

BjB: ok, student campus it is. Let's see if we can do a group migration to the student activity center

AyatE: At last I'm in

SueA: typical Chaouki though

ChaoukiM: Lol!!

BjB . o O ( of course, Chaoluki )

BjB winks

LyubovN joined the room.

AyatE: is the session only in this chat box

BjB: I hesitate to move from this room because so many people have just finally found us

BjB: yes, Ayat

MarcoV smiles

JuanS: Hello everyone!

AyatE: or there is sth audio we can listen to??Any help??

JuanS: sorry fo the delay

SharonBe: I agree BJ - maybe we need a student tour later

BjB: no audio, Ayat...text only

SueA: No audio, just chat

BjB nods to Sharon

AyatE: please don't move out now??!!!

MarijanaS: yes later

MbarekGst2: Let's schedule for another session even after BAW 2011 ?

NataliyaN: it would be better to move a bit later

MarijanaS: good idea Mbarek

MarisaRC: BjB no problem we can do this another time?

BjB: I'm going to put some instructions in the chat for those who want to explore later

AyatE: yes please

KarolinaD: ok

MarijanaS: yes great

SheelaM: that would be great

SueA: Thta would be helpful

BjB: click on the Tapped In tab at the top of the web window

TeresaD: fabuous idea, BJ  :-)

AndreaT: I'm sorry did I miss a lot?

BjB: you will see the campus map

TeresaD: fabulous...

SharonBe: thank you - that would be great - BJ

AndreaT: before I was rescued?

BjB: in the top right of the map is a sign to the K-12 Student Campus. Click on that sign

BjB: you will then see a red Student Activity Center

PeterH left the room.

MarisaRC left the room.

BjB: when you click on the red building you move to the student campus

SueA left the room.

SheelaM left the room.

PeterH joined the room.

MarcoV left the room.

ChaoukiM: which map?

AndreaT left the room.

JuanS: is this session over BJ?

JoeMc: But we aren't going there now, right, so we shouldn't follow these instructions, ooh   too late.

LanaK left the room.

BjB: you can explore

BjB: dang....should have typed that first, Joe!

KarolinaD left the room.

BjB: let's see if I can get them all back

LyubovN left the room.

PeterH left the room.

SueA joined the room.

PeterH joined the room.

SheelaM joined the room.

SharonBe: wait everyone for BJ

JuanS: i see almost everyone is leaving the room

AyatE: where are we on the map??

BjB: |** ANNOUNCEMENT: Type    /join BJB   to return to the Webheads in Action room for the rest of the tour. **|

NataliyaN: no

SheelaM left the room.

AndreaT joined the room.

KarolinaD joined the room.

SheelaM joined the room.

KarolinaD: lol

LyubovN joined the room.

MarcoV joined the room.

BjB sighs...sorry about that. Scheduling a tour of the student campus at another time would be best

AyatE: what should we do now???

AndreaT: Uuhm I'm beginning to feel technologically challenged. Very small indeed.

BjB: just keep waiting, Ayat ;-)

SheelaM is doing a lot of running between rooms

SueA: But it has given us an idea of how to do it

MarisaRC joined the room.

MarijanaS: lol

BjB: Sheela, think of all the great exercise!

AlexandraK hasn't moved an inch

AndreaT: LOL BjB!

AyatE left the room.

LanaK joined the room.

SheelaM needs it

MarisaRC: i wish i could walk all that much for real!

AndreaT: Yes I can jump between rooms now.

MbarekGst2: Got to go . U know what ? I joined the nearest café with wifi just to attend this amazing session with webheads .I have class at 17:00 pm . Thanks BJB and everyone

SharonBe: Looks like everyone is back - BJ, go ahead and finish the tour.

TeresaD: way to go, mbarek!!!  :-)

ChaoukiM: What are we doing now!! are we entereing other groups.

MarijanaS ) bye Mbarek

MbarekGst2: bye bye all

SueA: By Mbarek. See you tonight at 9?

BjB: what I hope you are all learning is that Tapped In is a big place...with lots of rooms to visit

KarolinaD: bye

AlexandraK: Bye Mbarek

AndreaT: Okay. Got it.

BjB: and to explore.

JuanS: well, it seems like i'll be able to read what everyone is posting

AndreaT: Like SL islands?

MbarekGst2 left the room (signed off).

BjB: if you look at the drop down menu in the top right next to Go!...

ChaoukiM left the room.

JuanS: i wonder if i can get responses

BjB: you will always be able to return to a familiar place if you get lost

ChaoukiM joined the room.

LyubovN left the room.

BjB: wb, Chaouki

BjB . o O ( I take it you found the map? )

ChaoukiM: We are lost!!

ChaoukiM: What are we doing now?

JuanS: you are not the only one

BjB: are you really lost? Who can tell me where we are located?

SueA: In the webheads room

AndreaT: were back at the reception area

JuanS: reception

JoeMc: We are in the Webheads in Action group room

BjB . o O ( hint: read the grey bar above this chat )

KarolinaD: Webheads in Action

SheelaM: webheads in action room

ChaoukiM: in Webhead in actions

SharonBe: We are in Webheads in action

MarisaRC: webheads in action says so at the top

VeronicaC: webheads room

MarijanaS: iwebheads

NataliyaN: webheads

MarcoV: @webaheads in action room

ChrisMT: webheads action

BjB hands out gold stars to all those who responded Webheads in Action!

OlenaC joined the room.

JuanS frowns

NataliyaN smiles

BjB: welcome, Olena

LanaK: weabheads

KarolinaD: people are going in n out like mad

SheelaM is jumping up and down

ChrisMT: chris looks for chocolate

BjB chuckles...at least you have the emoting covered, Juan

AndreaT: Okay I get it now.

JuanS: is webheads in action the same as becoming a webhead?

AyatE joined the room.

AyatE: Am I back?

BjB: Juan, this is a group room for the Webheads...who are running the BaW discussions

OlenaC: Sorry, I'm late. It took me this long to figure out how to get in

TeresaD: yes

BjB: you are, Ayat

MarisaRC: this is the action AFTER we become webheads... I guess...:-)

AyatE: WoW

AndreaT: So is this platform similar to blackboard or Moddle?

AlexandraK: Hi Olena

MarisaRC: ha ha this is fun

AndreaT: sorry Moodle?

TeresaD: but never give up is the webhead spirit. olena!!!  :-)

MarisaRC: no

JuanS: thanks Marisa

ElisabettF left the room.

SharonBe: Webheads are always in action - this is our Sunday mid-day room

JuanS: it's like a roller coaster

MarisaRC: I was joking JuasS

JoeMc: Bj, can you give us a quick idea of some of the things that Tapped In is used for? What are its strengths? Useful tools and ideas?

MarisaRC: JuanS

SueA: The sunday sessions are worth a visit

AyatE: Where were we on the map? I visited places and couldn't come back??!!

OlenaC: Have you had the tour  yet?

BjB: it is confusing with people entering and leaving...

MarcoV: @AndreaT I don't think so

TeresaD: yes, olena

KarolinaD: very

BjB: Ayat, try this...click on the ONLILNE tab to the left of this chat

ChaoukiM: Is there another step?

MarisaRC: i haven't been in and out much cos I have been a member for a year now and have explored this place a bit

SharonBe: Normally people would come to a room to chat and share files, discussions and links

TeresaD: BJ had over 30 participants altogther. fantastic!!

BjB: The ONLINE tab shows you everyone who is logged in...

AyatE: It doesn't work?!

BjB: and the location of each person

AbdelaliE joined the room.

OlenaC: Thank you, Teresa. So what do we suppose to do now?

MarisaRC: can you tell us how to edit our room pls?

BjB: I recommend that you all read your transcripts and just play...explore

SheelaM: will do

BjB: Marisa, you can create a private office and edit that...

DafneG: thanks a lot, BJ

SharonBe: BJ - YOU have been FANTASTIC - APPLAUSE!

AbdelaliE: Hi mates !

MarijanaS: practising makes it perfect

BjB: and you can edit any group room you create

MarisaRC: i have a bit but have seem other people's rooms and not sure i can do same

DafneG: another great tour!!!!

MarcoV: That's the best way to learn how things function

KarolinaD: thank you

AlexandraK applauds

BjB: thanks, everyone....well done

TeresaD: olena, do as BJ suggested. read the chatlog and explore when you have time

ElisabettF joined the room.

SheelaM: thank you....has been a fantastic first session for me

JenniferD Applauds

AbdelaliE: please i was out

MarcoV: Great tour

JenniferD: thank you!

ChaoukiM: I already have an office but I want to know if I can invite my students

PeterH left the room (signed off).

KarolinaD: lol

MarijanaB left the room.

TeresaD: we'll be posting the chatlog soon in our wiki

BjB: Chaouki, I did answer that question...

JoseD: I also have an office here

MarcoV left the room.

ElisabettF left the room.

MarcoV joined the room.

ChrisMT left the room.

JenniferD left the room.

BjB: your students must be over 18 years old to be in the main campus...

MarijanaB joined the room.

VeronicaC: thank you BJB for always being SO patient and nice

JoseD: Great Teresa

VeronicaC: gtg now

ChaoukiM: I know this

ElisabettF joined the room.

DafneG gives a gold star to BJ for her patience with us :-)

AbdelaliE: I already embeded a chat room in my Wiki

VeronicaC: see you all around

BjB: otherwise you must create a classroom for them

MarijanaS: Great tour BJB, was fun, done it while preparing dinner

JenniferD joined the room.

VeronicaC waves goodbye

AyatE: I did BJ

JoseD: I was away testing a student

TeresaD: applauds BJ's fabulous tour  :-)

JoeMc: Thanks, BjB, and all for a great tour.

ChaoukiM: Should they sign up to enter my office or I send them invitations like in PBworks

AyatE: what else canI do? to explore more?/

BjB: please return and ask questions

LanaK: Great tour!

JuanS: sorry Marisa, I'm just testing things out here

JoseD: I awallys enjoy these tours

MarcoV: Have to go now! Thanks BJ.

MarisaRC: Abdelail same type of chat room in wiki or different ?

MarisaRC: cos I found one but not like this one

AbdelaliE: Please how can i invite my students to the K12 group ???

TeresaD: for newbies, this tour is just an "appetizer". you must come back

MarisaRC: no wories JuanS

JoseD: Bye

MarcoV: Bye to everyone and keep on going. Will see you all around.

ChaoukiM: bye jose!!

DafneG: there is always someone at the reception ready to give you help

SueA: If you click on ME tab you can create your office

BjB: Chaouki, you would assign your students usernames if you create a classroom

JuanS: by the way, what did you get on the other side?

AyatE: When shall we come back teresa, u mean sunday sessions??

JoseD left the room (signed off).

SueA left the room.

JuanS: on your end?

BjB: when the students log in they land in your classroom where you can meet with them

ChaoukiM: how to create a classroom

OlenaC: Is there another tour one can take?

MarcoV: Bye Teresa

AndreaT left the room.

TeresaD: anytime you come, ayat, there's generally someone to help you at the reception

SheelaM left the room.

TeresaD: bye marco  :-)

MarijanaB: Thanks! Bye bye!

BjB: to see what tours are available click on the Tapped In tab at the top of the web window and then click on CALENDAR in the blue menu bar

MarcoV left the room (signed off).

MarijanaB left the room (signed off).

SueA joined the room.

TeresaD: BJ, thank you so much!  :-)

BjB: TI: Learning Hub Tips and Tricks are tours

JeffC joined the room.

SueA: Thank you for the tour

VeronicaC left the room (signed off).

DarleneP joined the room.

OlenaC: Thank you, BJ

NourE left the room.

ChaoukiM: Thank you so much!!

SueA left the room.

AyatE: can we attend any of the sessions in the calendar?

ChaoukiM: See you in other tours!!

BjB: my pleasure, everyone. Please understand that it takes more than an hour to learn about Tapped In...but you have a basic start

MarisaRC: Thank you to the BjB and moderators

MarijanaS: Thx BJB for everything see you soon again!

JeffC left the room (signed off).

MarijanaS: Bye everybody

ChaoukiM: Have a sweet day:: Bye

JenniferD: Wonderful resources! I'm going to go play in my new office.  Cheers all. :)

BjB: yes, Ayat

TeresaD: yes, ayat

MarisaRC: see you all soon Byeeee Chaouki - let's play some scrabble soon!

TeresaD: enjoy, jennifer!

BjB: Best wishes for all the EVO classes!

ChaoukiM: what about tonight, Marisa?

NataliyaN: bye, thank you for a tour

JenniferD left the room.

KarolinaD: ( :) )

TeresaD: thank you, BJ!

NataliyaN left the room (signed off).

BjB: thanks for setting this up, Teresa

DafneG: thanks again, BJ :-)

MarijanaS ) signing off enough for today

MarisaRC: late tonight is good after the #ELTchat moderating

AlexandraK: Bye everyone - thanks for a great tour BJB !

AyatE: Great, what do u advise me now to know more?? take any of the tours in the calendar?!

TeresaD: thank "you", BJ!!!  :-)

ChaoukiM: Ok!! see you then!!

MarijanaS left the room (signed off).

ChaoukiM: Bye t

TeresaD hugs BJ one more time

ChaoukiM left the room (signed off).

JeffC joined the room.

BjB: Ayat, you can take any of the tours, or just explore. Each room has lots of things to see

MarisaRC: signing off - bye everyone

AyatE: Thank you all, bye

DafneG: bye Ayat

TeresaD: bye, everyone!

BjB hugs Dafne and Teresa

TeresaD -)

AlexandraK left the room (signed off).

TeresaD left the room (signed off).

DafneG hugs BJ goodbye

DafneG left the room (signed off).

2011.01.12 09:09:53    Signoff












Comments (2)

lynnieann said

at 5:42 pm on Jan 15, 2011

I missed the live session. Can I still catch up?

Teresa Almeida d'Eca said

at 5:59 pm on Jan 15, 2011

hi, lynnie!
you can read the chatlog above and ty to carry out the activities. if you have problems, you'll always have some helpdesk available. they're great! :-)
webheads meet every sunday at 12 noon GMT in the tapped in reception. it's 8 pm yourtime, right? try to be there tomorrow. :-)
enjoy! teresa

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