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Elluminate at LearningTimes





Step-by-Step Instructions:


In advance to the session (2 or 3 days before)



Once you have registered and downloaded the program... 


  • Go to the Webheads virtual room at: http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?go=273662 
    • Click on the URL
    • Login with your LT username and password
    • When you get to the Webheads virtual room page (see image A below), click on "Enter now"
    • Wait until the software downloads (it might take some time depending on your connection speed)
    • You will be taken to the Elluminate v-room (see image B below)   
  • If you have problems or questions, please ask in the BaW Yahoo Group.



Image A


Webheads virtual room page:





Image B


Webheads Elluminate room





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