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 Week 5 :  Blended learning.

Wrap-up: conclusions and evaluation. Graduating as a Webhead in Action


Networked Teacher Diagram - Update


February 7 - 13, 2011




Moderators : Helen Davies, Anisoara Pop

Guest Speaker: Rita Zeinstejer



Congratulations !! You've made it !! Before we celebrate graduation, there are a couple of things left to do !






  • Participate in a live presentation of blended learning.


  • Share your point of view on the different Web communication tools we have explored. How can they be useful for language learning ?
  • Share your reflections on this "hands on" workshop. How do you think it might change your perception of you as a language teacher ?
  • Attend a live "Graduation ceremony" chat.
  • Graduate as a Webhead and join the "Webheads in Action" community of practice. 
  • Answer the questions of the week.
  • Comment on this week's readings 
  • Complete the EVO evaluation survey. 



Well that is a busy week indeed !

Let's find out about where and when this is all happening !




1 You are invited to Rita Zeinstejer's live presentation on Google Applications : February 11th, at noon GMT (12:00) at Webheads Elluminate Vroom.   Please comment on the live session here on the blog.


2 Don't forget to answer the questions of the week.  Send your thoughts to the mailing list.  


3 Enjoy some reading. Find the readings for week 5 here ! Share your thoughts on the forum.


4 Share your reflections on the workshop and where you would like your teaching to go from here.

   Please post your thoughts on the final Reflections page.


5 Complete the final survey here


6 Join us at the  BAW2011 Graduation ceremony - it's celebration time !  (date/venue tba)


7 Join the "Webheads in Action" Community of Practice at Tapped In and graduate as a Webhead in Action !



Questions of the week


1. What is blended learning?

2. Think about your students and your teaching context : Can you integrate blended learning into your

    teaching practice ? (or use it more if you have already started ?)

3. What tools would you like to use? How would you like to introduce them ?

4. What are the advantages and challenges of using blended learning in your teaching context?



A heartfelt THANK YOU for taking BAW2011! 





Comments (4)

mauricio said

at 4:51 pm on Feb 8, 2011

Hi! Does anyone know how can I send my answers to the mailing list?

helendavies06@gmail.com said

at 5:00 pm on Feb 8, 2011

Hi Mauricio - I've just mailed you an answer - but incase you are lost ;) Go here and check you are registered with the group :
You can then post directly from the group page.
Hope this helps -let me know how you get on !
(moderator week 5)

mauricio said

at 5:14 pm on Feb 8, 2011

Got it, thanks Helen, cheers!

Derya Kulavuz-Onal said

at 9:09 pm on Feb 12, 2011

Hey everybody, I was wondering if the date, time and venue for the graduation ceremony have been determined yet? I couldn't seem to find this information anywhere here :(

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